Consulting: business plan

For any new company or project, a business plan is essential for analyzing the risks and returns involved in the future operation. Many are the cases of entrepreneurs who, due to lack of time or because they believe in their own knowledge of the market, do not hire a consultancy to prepare a business plan and end up having higher costs and risks in their projects.

In the business plan, a thorough analysis of the market in which the company will operate will be important to understand future competitors, the pricing practiced, the differentials of current products and what your potential customers want. These are quantitative and qualitative surveys that should be carried out and have their results discussed to exhaustion, in order to reflect the entire analysis in the business plan that is being prepared.

After the analysis and research phase, the financial model of the new company or project is prepared. In this step, the customer growth curves will be detailed, the scenarios that will be defined, the billing projections, costs and expenses, the ideal capital structure for the operation, in addition to the entire fiscal part.

Consulting business plan