BNDES Fundraising

GlobalTrevo Consulting has high experience advising and structuring projects for BNDES fundraising. Our executives advise companies from various segments to BNDES directly or indirectly (through credential banks) raise capital. GlobalTrevo teamwork have worked with BNDES in the following industries:

– Healthcare

– Hospitals

– Furniture and appliances retailers

– Navigation and cabotage

– Logistics

– Information Technology (IT)

– Pharmaceutical Industry

– Residential and automotive lighting industry

We are an advisory that develops projects for BNDES, from the initial drill through elaborating the presentation script for BNDES projects. We also serve our customers as negotiator and track the project until contracts finalization. We act as finance department extension, bringing the accumulated knowledge necessary for this operation success.

Currently, BNDES has several sectorial financing lines with interesting rates to businesses and enabling the return on capital invested. The BNDES financing line stimulates a several markets, such as: pharmaceutical industries, logistics operators, technology and innovation companies and enterprises focused on the oil and gas sector.